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Fringe Biscuit

Fringe Biscuit “Precise dance and physical theatre explores reliance. I think. Meaning perhaps lost in translation”. (Lauren Archer) 

Three Weeks

Three Weeks “How apt that a performance in Edinburgh should begin with rain? During this video/dance performance, the inside and outside worlds collide around the theme of alienation. With a rainbow of colours, the dancers paint the bleak stage with movement while behind them a screen flickers with images: a pigeon, a naked man in a bath. Movements become wilder, and the energy precipitates throughout the theatre until the dancers collapse and you feel your breath [...]


Revue-Spectacle “Oppio ou opium, en français, extrait de pavot dont seul le jus pouvait apporter un bienheureux oubli à la déesse Déméter quant à l'atroce perte de sa petite fille... Mais si l'esprit en sommeil oublie, la douleur n'abandonne pas le corps ! Ici, le blanc des plumes signifie la douleur, froide,  tandis que le rouge de la robe rappelle la fleur de pavot... ... mais ses armatures sous-jacentes la cage, la prison dans laquelle la drogue nous enferme - [...]

The Guardian

The Guardian “Picking out a good fringe dance show runs the same risks as backing a horse, but there's plenty worth backing this year: Italian choreographer Francesca Selva and video artist Giovanni Mezzedimi's collaboration On Your Honey Lips”  (Lyn Gardner) 


EdinburghFestGuide.com “Dance is undoubtedly a universal language. It doesn't matter whoor where or from what culture the dancers come from, movement, gesture, shape all speak directly to us and this show has a lot to tell us.For anyone who enjoys dance this should be one of your top shows to go and see this year at the Fringe.” (Garry Platt)


BroadwayBaby.com “Selva’s dancers are technically excellent and convey this difficult material with precision (...)”  (Alexis MacNab)  

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